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Volunteer Application

Following is Part I of the Volunteer Application. Upon completion, you may be asked to complete Part II, the Volunteer Orientation Overview. A link will be provided at the end.

Dress in Blue Day fundraiser 
National Dress in Blue Day is celebrated each year on the first Friday of March. If that day doesn't work for you, don't worry! You can hold a Dress in Blue Day fundraiser or event any time in March! Use your voice to encourage your loved ones, office, community and beyond to get involved by creating a Dress In Blue Day team and find your own style in expressing what blue means to you.

Host a Fundraiser
In the fight against colorectal cancer, every dollar counts. 86 cents of every dollar goes toward the Colorectal Cancer Alliance's patient support, education and national awareness programs. Choose a suggested fundraiser idea or come up with your own plan to help raise money for these meaningful programs.

Medical Science Advisors
As a member of the Colorectal Cancer Alliance's Medical Scientific Advisory Committee, we value your insights and expertise and look for you to serve in one or more of the following capacities:

·     Contribute expert knowledge to Colorectal Cancer Alliance newsletter, blog and Website content.

·     Provide colorectal cancer screening to applicants of the Blue Hope Prevention Award.

·     Review content for grant applications.

·     Review and provide content for white papers and research.

·     Contribute to research and position papers.

·     Serve as a media spokesperson in your specific area of expertise, such as:

· Primary Prevention

· Secondary Prevention

· Early detection

· Screening modalities and methods

· Adenoma detection rate

· Colorectal cancer treatment and advances

· Psychosocial issues associated with diagnosis and survivorship


RunWalk Event Pre-Event UEC

In each RunWalk city, we rely on a committee of dedicated volunteers to join the Undy Engagement Committee (UEC) help us make the event a success. The UEC is comprised of a team of volunteers dedicated to putting a spotlight on colorectal cancer through the Undy Run/Walk. These roles include, but are not limited to:

·         Medical Community Outreach Chairperson- This role is responsible for helping the Run/Walk staff reach its local sponsorship goal by recruiting sponsors, company teams and participants within the medical community.

·         Community Outreach Chairperson- This role is responsible for helping the Run/Walk staff reach its local sponsorship goal by recruiting sponsors, company teams and participants from outside the medical community.

·         PR & Media Chairperson- This role is responsible for helping to make the general community aware of the RunWalk. This includes outreach to all types of media. 

·         Volunteer Coordinator Chairperson- This role is responsible for helping to recruit & coordinate volunteers for the RunWalk. 

·         Food & Beverage Chairperson- This role is responsible for helping to solicit & secure in-kind food donations for the Run/Walk


RunWalk Event Day

The Undy RunWalk series continues to grow at an astonishing rate and we are always looking for more volunteers to not only help us in advance of the event, but also the day-of the Undy RunWalk. Volunteering at the race enables you to be part of aolon successful, inspiring event that raised awareness for colorectal cancer in your local community. Volunteer activities include, but are not limited to:


·         Set up- duties may include hanging signs, unpacking boxes, preparing sponsor booths, directing parking 

·         Exhibit area- duties may include packet pickup, day-of registration, boxer distribution, food tent set up 

·         Course- duties may include race marshal, water station, cheering along the route or at the finish line 

·         Bike marshal- duties may include leading the runners, marshaling turns

·         Clean up- duties may include packing boxes, taking down signs, cleaning the area 

·         Photographer- must bring own camera

Host a community education event
Your story is one of the most powerful ways you can connect with your audience. 
Use your experience to empower your friends, neighbors, coworkers and those you love with the information that can save a life.

Represent us at an outreach event, health fair or trade show
Man a table with 
colorectal cancer awareness information or tell your story at outreach events and health fairs. The Colorectal Cancer Alliance attends many trade shows throughout the country and are always looking for volunteers to help us knock colorectal cancer out of the top three cancer killers.

Buddy Peer to Peer Support
The Colorectal Cancer Alliance's Buddy Program provides peer-to-peer support from those who have been there to new 
colorectal cancer patients and caregivers.
Buddies are there to listen, offer support, and share their experiences and are matched based on stage, age, gender, and primary concerns.

Speakers Bureau: patients & professionals
You can make a difference in the fight against 
colorectal cancer by educating your community and by encouraging people to talk about this disease. Join our Speakers Bureau and tell your story at a colorectal cancer awareness event.

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Host A Fundraiser or Dress In Blue Day

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Medical Science Advisor 

Run/Walk Volunteer

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Community Education Event Information


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Peer to Peer/Buddy Support

Speakers Bureau

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The Colorectal Cancer Alliance Staff and Volunteer Orientation Overview is intended to acquaint you with our organization’s signature programs and to confirm key colon cancer related facts that are central to our mission.


You may refer to the Colorectal Cancer Alliance website for answers. If you have any questions, please contact Nancy Butterfield.

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